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Authentically Empowered Identity

Do you ever feel like you are not good enough? Or that you need to get things right to be seen? You may suffer like so many others with Imposter Syndrome

Research-Based Self-Directed 4-Week Online Course

Psychology and spirituality do not often see eye to eye. However, the development of your psychological capital strengthens your relationship with God. A stronger relationship with the Divine and an acceptance of His purpose for your life can be achieved via the cultivation of hope, efficacy, resilience, and optimism.


Daily & Weekly instruction and Materials

With short lessons everyday learning about and overcoming imposter syndrome, is not only doable liberating as well. You will no longer be held captive by your negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. It took me years of trying to understand why I was this way and there is no reason for you to take that long and go through years of discouragement and frustration. I put everything I did into a 4-week course that will help you truly grow and thrive the way God designed us.

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